The Dogecoin developers are proud to announce the final version of Dogecoin Core 1.7!

After lots of coding, testing and swearing this is the next version of our reference client. It brings Dogecoin one big step forward on the technical side of things, with moving to the Bitcoin 0.9 codebase.

The full release notes are available here:

TL;DR of the release notes

  • Code is now based on Bitcoin source. But parameters are still the same as before. No fork this time ;)
  • Downgrading from 1.7 to 1.6 with a fresh wallet is not easy. Be aware of that.
  • Client is now Dogecoin Core, added dogecoin-cli to talk to dogecoind (Dogecoin Core Daemon).
  • Fork detection and warning

Note: This is a mandatory update as it involves a hard fork of the network. Please make sure you are running 1.6 to ensure that you’re on the correct blockchain and not at risk of losing your DOGE

As per block 145k, the network will hardfork to adopt a new difficulty retargeting algorithm.

Download links:

Update highlights:

  1. No longer a random block reward - we now only have static blocks. The current reward will be 250,000 Doge per block, with the halvening dropping us to 125,000 Doge per block, etc etc. This will prevent block cherry-picking; as we’re seeing at the moment, with our community pools only seeing 100-200k blocks, while the multi’s gaming the system are enjoying 300-500k blocks. From the 1.6 update, all blocks will be completely even.

  2. The DigiShield difficulty algorithm: again, developed and contributed by the very clever folks at , this allows for rapid block retarget times, and rapid recovery from multipools suddenly hitting the network; meaning that our miners will no longer suffer from extremely long block times if a Multipool does decide to jump on board. This new algorithm will retarget our block times much faster - ensuring the hard-mining shibe is not left holding the bag after the multipool ransack.

  3. Coins mined must mature for 4 hours (previously 30 minutes) before being spent. This is a precautionary measure, to give everyone more time to communicate following any future fork of the network.

For a complete history of all commits, please check the repository history. A big shout out to everyone who made this release possible, and happy digging shibes! :)

Read more about this release on Reddit or Check it out on Github

We’re happy to announce the release of Dogecoin version 1.5.1!

This release incorporates a range of updates from community contributers, some much needed bug fixes, plus some cool treats brought down-stream from the recent Bitcoin 0.9 release candidate.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release possible, the entire community appreciates it. We recommend all users update to the latest version and please report any issues you may encounter. As always, backup your wallet.dat file before updating (just to be safe).


Release highlights:

  • Switched to Boost 1.55 to fix network connectivity issues on Windows
  • Removal of reliance on IRC for discovering nodes
  • Support for URL protocol, eg. dogecoin:addr?amount=xxx&(see Bitcoin’s implementation)
  • Ability to automatically look up transactions on Dogechain from your client
  • Working Windows setup script and installer
  • Opt-in debug logging via -debuglog (to save disk space and stop constant writing)
  • Fixed Mac Splashscreen’s greedy desktop behavior
  • Reimplemented testnet, fixing RPC crash due to no genesis block being present
  • Allow user to load any wallet from data directory specified using -wallet=mywallet.dat
  • Updated to LevelDB 1.15 to address blockchain database corruption issues
  • Allow user to send change only to specified address(es) using -change= (one -change parameter per address)
  • Fixed RPC difficulty look up


We’re happy to announce the v1.5 release of Dogecoin. This major release moves Dogecoin up to match the latest Litecoin code base and includes several other tweaks to improve sync times dramatically.

We recommend all users update to v1.5 immediately. To update, simply overwrite your existing Dogecoin install. As always, please make regular backups of your wallet.dat file.

Please note that due to a change in the database engine being used, a reindex will be required initially off your previously downloaded blockchain data - this should be quick however, and a full blockchain resync should not be needed. If you experience issues getting the client to sync: please close the client, delete all files from your data directory (except wallet.dat), and try opening the client again.

For any other issues encountered, please report them on Github.

Download the binaries


  • Updated code base to Litecoin (inherits all Litecoin updates since 0.6.*). Highlights include:
    • New database engine for block storage resulting in faster index/sync times
    • Implements txindex, reindex and walletnotify
    • Coin control options for advanced users
    • Overall increased stability
    • A range of security fixes
  • Graphical tweaks, including splash screen
  • New official DNS seed added ( for improved sync times
  • Updated PROTOCOL_VERSION for better node detection
  • New alert keys to allow for network-wide alert notification in future

Linux binaries will be distributed shortly, stay tuned

We’ve been making great progress on the upcoming v1.5 release of Dogecoin. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far, and a big shout out to /u/voidref on the Mac development side.

We’re already seeing much faster sync times, and improved stability. Please report any issues over on Github, pull requests are encouraged. As previously stated, these builds are in “alpha” so use at your own risk.

Download the binaries here.


  • Updated code base to Litecoin
  • Graphical tweaks, including splash screen
  • Updated PROTOCOL_VERSION for better node detection
  • New alert keys to allow for network-wide alert notification in future

We’re happy to announce the release of version 1.4.1 of the Dogecoin QT client for Windows!

This Windows-only release fixes the bug causing wallets to crash on encryption and other RPC commands.

A massive thanks goes to developer and community member psedik, who claims a total bounty of 200k DOGE (as originally promised by the founders), including nearly 50k from your kind donations over at the Dogecoin Foundation.

If you’re a Windows user, make sure you download the update here.

Redditor Tuxedage has helped pool together a whopping bounty of 1.5 million DOGE (and growing) for the first person to create an electrum/multibit style client for Dogecoin.

If you haven’t heard of these before, they’re a “light” wallet client that holds your wallet’s private keys on your desktop (so still secure) but doesn’t require a local copy of the entire blockchain in order to process transactions. That means new users can avoid those hour long initial sync times, while retaining their security.

Head on over to the Reddit thread to offer your help, or donate to the bounty pool. Let’s make this happen shibes!

Important: Update to Dogecoin 1.4 now

Dogecoin has been updated to v1.4, adding checkpoints for the correct blockchain fork. Please update your clients and daemons immediately.

To update, simply download the new version from the download link above. Open the downloaded file and extract the contents of the downloaded file into any new folder or location on your computer.

You don’t have to remove your folder containing the old version of the wallet.

For more details on the blockchain fork or to ask any questions, please view this post on the /r/dogecoin subreddit.